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CineStill 400D in the Pentax ME

CineStill 400D in the Pentax ME

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Jewel Box Jewelers

I’d been itching to shoot my Pentax ME, so I got it out and rummaged around in my film box looking for something fun to shoot. I freeze most of my film, but keep some rolls at room temperature so I can shoot them on no notice. I found my last roll of CineStill 400Dynamic in there, so I loaded it. I mounted my 38mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A lens and took the kit out on several walks.

Here’s my favorite photo from the roll. I love the rich blue on the label of these propane tanks and the creamy white of the non-rusty part of the grate.


I found that the film didn’t handle brightly reflected light very well. I feel certain that my usual ISO 400 color films would not have blown out these highlights.

Little Free Library

This house on Main Street in Zionsville is purple, but not this shade. It’s more like Pantone Ultra Violet.

Purple house

Otherwise, I had good luck with this roll of film. I made several images walking around downtown Zionsville.


I also made several images walking around my subdivision and the ones nearby.

Playground and black fence

I know photos like this have been done a million times. Make it a million and one.


It’s handy having a U-Haul rental place within walking distance of my home. The trucks also make reliable, colorful subjects.


If you’re ever in Zionsville, do stop in at Black Dog Books. It’s a lovely shop with a well-curated selection of used books. I’ve bought three or four books of photographers’ works here over the years.


I come away from this roll feeling just like I did on the last roll I shot: this is a nice film, but I don’t like it better than my usual ISO 400 color stocks, and those stocks are less expensive.

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