Using a Pentax Variable Close-Up Ring on a Spotmatic

Using a Pentax Variable Close-Up Ring on a Spotmatic

Using a Pentax Variable Close-Up Ring on a Spotmatic

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Using a Pentax Variable Close-Up Ring on a Spotmatic

I love macro photography, so when Andrew Morang (of the terrific Urban Decay blog) offered me a Pentax close-up ring for screw-mount cameras, I said yes, please!

You screw the ring into the camera and a lens into the ring. I used my Spotmatic SP II and 50mm f/1.4 SMC Takumar, respectively.

I chose Ilford FP4 Plus for this adventure, which I developed in Rodinal 1+25. The good people at Analogue Wonderland have been supplying 35mm Ilford FP4 Plus (and HP5 Plus) to me, in exchange for a mention when I share images from a roll. They carry virtually every film being produced today, and they work hard to keep everything in stock.

I hope you’ll give their site a visit and have a look. They’re excellent partners of the film-photography community. They also ship worldwide!

This ring brings things up very close. This flower is not much larger than my thumbnail.


The little stained-glass suncatcher hanging in our back door window is a frequent subject.

Stained glass

I was fascinated with moving in close to letterforms as I worked through this roll.


I wrapped up the roll by shooting some old coins. I don’t collect coins anymore, but I still have the ones I did collect back when.

1958 half dollar
Three Pence 1953
One Shilling 1929

The variable part of this variable close-up ring offers a little bit of zoom, but nothing dramatic. This is my first time ever using any sort of extension tube or ring, so I’m sure there are nuances I’ve yet to discover about using one. I had good fun making these photos.

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