Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura-3

Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura in 2024!

Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura in 2024!

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Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura-3

Embarking on a cruise aboard the Azura promises adventure and relaxation.

However, to ensure your voyage is nothing short of spectacular, it’s crucial to steer clear of certain cabins.

This guide highlights the worst cabins on Azura to avoid, focusing on issues like noise, vibration, and obstructed views, ensuring your cruise experience is as perfect as the ocean breeze.

Cabin Types Overview

Inside Cabins

Inside cabins are perfect for budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable accommodation.

These cabins offer a cozy and private atmosphere, ideal for those who prioritize rest and relaxation. However, one drawback is the potential lack of natural light, which may not suit everyone’s preferences.

Sea View Cabins

Sea view cabins provide stunning ocean views that can be incredibly mesmerizing.

The calming effect of watching the sea from your cabin is unparalleled, offering a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. Compared to inside cabins, sea view cabins exude a premium feel with their picturesque vistas.

Balcony Cabins

Balcony cabins boast the luxury of having a private outdoor space, allowing guests to enjoy fresh air and relaxation right outside their room.

The added space and outdoor experience these cabins offer enhance the overall comfort of your stay. The opportunity to step out onto your balcony adds a unique element to your cruise experience.

Superior Deluxe Balcony

Superior deluxe balcony cabins come with enhanced amenities and features that elevate the onboard living experience.

Guests can expect an exclusive ambiance and extra comfort in these well-appointed cabins.

Special perks or services may be included with superior deluxe balcony accommodations, enhancing the overall luxury feel.


Suites on Azura offer a spacious and luxurious retreat for discerning travelers looking for upscale accommodation.

Along with additional services and privileges available exclusively to suite guests, these accommodations provide an elevated level of comfort and convenience.

The unique design elements and upscale features found in suites contribute to an unforgettable cruise experience.

Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura-3

Azura Cabins

Inside Cabins

  • Location: Spread throughout the ship.
  • Features: Without windows, inside cabins are the most budget-friendly option. They are well-appointed with all standard amenities, including a TV, desk, and ample storage.
  • Best For: Travelers on a budget or those who prefer to spend most of their time exploring the ship and destinations.

Ocean View Cabins

  • Location: Lower decks.
  • Features: These cabins feature a window or porthole with a sea view. They offer more space than inside cabins and come with all the essential amenities.
  • Best For: Those who desire natural light and views without the expense of a balcony.

Balcony Cabins

  • Location: Higher decks.
  • Features: Offering private balconies, these cabins allow passengers to enjoy the ocean breeze and views directly from their room. They’re more spacious and have a sitting area.
  • Best For: Travelers who value privacy and outdoor access to soak in the stunning vistas.

Deluxe Balcony Cabins

  • Features: Similar to standard balcony cabins but with added space and upgraded amenities, including a larger balcony.
  • Best For: Those looking for extra comfort and space to relax with enhanced room amenities.


  • Location: Select locations for optimal views and convenience.
  • Features: Suites are the epitome of luxury on Azura, offering separate living areas, spacious balconies, and additional perks like priority boarding. Some suites include butler service and access to exclusive lounges and dining areas.
  • Best For: Travelers seeking the ultimate cruise experience with ample space and exclusive benefits.

Family Cabins

  • Features: Designed to accommodate families, these cabins offer additional bedding options and more room. Some have partitions for privacy.
  • Best For: Families needing extra space and convenience.

Accessible Cabins

  • Features: These cabins are designed for passengers with mobility issues, featuring wider doorways, no thresholds, and specially designed bathrooms.
  • Best For: Guests requiring accessibility features.

Tips for Choosing the Right Cabin

  • Consider Your Needs: Balance your budget with your desires for space, views, and amenities.
  • Location Matters: Consider proximity to the ship’s amenities, as well as potential noise from entertainment venues or the pool deck.
  • Check the Deck Plan: Look for cabins away from elevators and high traffic areas to ensure a peaceful stay.
  • View Obstructions: Some balcony cabins may have obstructed views due to lifeboats or ship structure. Review cabin descriptions and consult deck plans.

Cabins to Avoid

  • Near Nightlife Venues: Noise can be an issue late into the night.
  • Underneath the Pool Deck: Can be noisy early in the morning as crew set up deck chairs.
  • Front and Aft Extremes: These cabins may experience more motion. If you’re prone to seasickness, mid-ship cabins on lower decks are preferable.

Selecting the right cabin on Azura can greatly enhance your cruising experience.

Consider what’s most important to you—whether it’s budget, views, or amenities—and choose accordingly.

With a variety of options, Azura offers something for every type of traveler, ensuring your time at sea is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Worst Cabins to Avoid on Azura-3

Noise Concerns

Noisiest Cabins

e of the noisiest cabins on Azura are typically located near high-traffic areas like the engine room. These cabins may experience vibrations and mechanical noises, disrupting your peace and quiet.

To avoid these disturbances, choose cabinsaway from these areas, preferably in the middle of the ship.

Being in a noisy cabin can significantly impact your cruise experience, leading to sleep disturbances and overall dissatisfaction with your stay.

The constant noise can be bothersome, especially during nighttime when you seek tranquility. To ensure a peaceful cruise, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to minimize disruptions.

To mitigate noise-related issues in these cabins, consider booking rooms on higher decks as they tend to be quieter. Choosing cabins away from elevators and stairwells can also help reduce unwanted sounds that may disturb your relaxation time onboard.

Near Entertainment Venues

Cabins situated near entertainment venues offer convenience for easy access to shows, bars, and activities.

The vibrant atmosphere near these cabins creates a lively ambiance perfect for those seeking constant excitement during their cruise vacation.

However, this proximity may also come with potential noise concerns, especially during peak entertainment hours.

While being close to entertainment venues enhances your overall cruise experience by providing easy access to fun activities, it’s essential to note that noise levels can increase significantly during performances or events.

Consider this factor if you prefer a quieter environment for resting or relaxing in your cabin.

Below Pool Deck

Cabins located below the pool deck offer convenient access to the pool area for quick dips or lounging under the sun.

However, one drawback of these cabins is the potential for increased noise levels due to activities taking place above.

Privacy might also be compromised as passengers walking around the pool deck could look down into these cabins.

The accessibility to the pool area from cabins below the deck provides convenience for guests looking to spend ample time swimming or sunbathing without having to travel far.

Despite this advantage, it’s important to consider potential noise disturbances when selecting a cabin below the pool deck.

cruise cabins to avoid

Wind Exposure

Windy Balcony Locations

The balcony locations on Azura may experience higher wind exposure than others, affecting your outdoor experience.

The forward-facing balconies are often windier due to the ship’s movement and airflow patterns. To mitigate the impact of wind, consider booking midship or aft-facing cabins for a more sheltered balcony experience.

Enjoying your balcony despite windy conditions can be achieved by using windbreaks or simply adjusting your seating arrangement to a more protected area.

High Deck Cabins

Cabins located on higher decks offer advantages such as stunning panoramic views of the ocean and ports.

Being situated away from public areas can provide a quieter atmosphere for relaxation.

However, it’s essential to note that accessibility to amenities and stability during rough seas may be factors to consider when opting for high deck cabins.

Overall, the benefits of breathtaking views and tranquility often outweigh any minor inconveniences.

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Fixed Twin Beds

Limited Flexibility

Cabins with fixed twin beds may offer limited flexibility for couples or families requiring a different sleeping arrangement.

Understanding this limitation is crucial before booking your cabin to avoid any inconveniences during your cruise.

It’s essential to consider your needs and preferences when selecting a cabin with fixed twin beds.

When opting for cabins with fixed twin beds, be mindful of the space constraints and layout restrictions.

Maximize the available space by utilizing storage solutions and keeping your belongings organized. Consider requesting additional amenities or services from the cruise staff to enhance your comfort despite the limitations.

Specific Cabins

The cabins to avoid on Azura stand out for their unique features and breathtaking views, offering an unforgettable experience for passengers.

Choosing these specific cabins can elevate your cruise experience, providing added luxury and exclusivity. Opting for these cabins allows you to enjoy premium amenities and prime locations on the ship.

One of the standout cabins to consider is the Deluxe Balcony Cabin, which offers panoramic views of the ocean and enhanced privacy for passengers.

This cabin provides a spacious balcony where you can relax and soak in the stunning sea views throughout your journey.

For a more luxurious experience, consider upgrading to a Suite with a private terrace, offering unparalleled comfort and elegance.

cruise cabins to avoid

Balcony Obstructions

Overlooked Balconies

Balconies often offer a serene escape, providing a private retreat with stunning ocean views.

These hidden gems ensure tranquility and exclusivity for passengers seeking a peaceful getaway. Passengers can enjoy the charm of these overlooked balcony cabins away from the crowd.

Shaded Balconies

Shaded balconies on cruise ships provide relief from the scorching sun, making them ideal for relaxation in hot climates.

Passengers can unwind comfortably in these cabins without worrying about excessive heat exposure. However, it’s essential to consider the limited sunlight in shaded balcony cabins for those who prefer brighter spaces.

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Awkward Locations

Far from Amenities

Cabins located far from amenities onboard the Azura may offer peaceful surroundings but come with trade-offs.

Opting for such cabins means sacrificing convenience for tranquility. While being away from the hustle and bustle can be relaxing, it might require more planning.

Choosing a cabin far from amenities could provide a quieter environment, ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat during their cruise.

However, guests should consider the distance when planning their activities to avoid multiple trips back and forth.

To make the most of your stay in cabins far from amenities, plan your day efficiently by grouping activities together to minimize the need to return frequently. Consider carrying essentials with you to avoid unnecessary trips across the ship.

Near Crew Areas

Certain cabins on the Azura are situated close to crew areas, which may raise concerns about privacy and noise levels.

Being near crew spaces can sometimes result in unwanted disturbances due to increased activity in those regions.

Staying in cabins near crew areas might lead to potential noise disruptions or compromise on privacy levels as compared to other cabin locations.

Guests should be prepared for occasional sounds coming from nearby crew activities during their stay.

To ensure a comfortable experience despite being near crew areas, guests can use white noise machines or earplugs to minimize any disturbances.

Establishing clear communication with the cruise staff can help address any privacy concerns that may arise during the voyage.

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Seasickness Prone Areas

Front of Ship

Staying in cabins at the front of the ship offers a unique experience. The panoramic views of the vast ocean create an unparalleled sense of adventure.

However, motion and noise can be more pronounced in these cabins due to their location near the ship’s bow.

High Decks

Opting for cabins on higher decks comes with several advantages. These cabins often boast better views, allowing guests to enjoy stunning vistas throughout their voyage.

High decks may offer a quieter atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of lower decks. Yet, accessibility and stability can be a concern on high decks, especially during rough seas.

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Unnecessary Features

Cabins with extra beds offer added convenience for accommodating more guests during the cruise. They are suitable for families or groups traveling together.

The availability of extra beds ensures flexibility in sleeping arrangements, making cabins versatile for various guest configurations.

To maximize space and comfort in cabins with extra beds, consider organizing belongings efficiently. Utilize storage spaces effectively to keep the cabin clutter-free.

Opt for foldable or collapsible furniture to create more room when the extra bed is not in use.

Single Cabins

Single cabins cater specifically to solo travelers seeking privacy and independence during their cruise experience.

These cabins provide a tailored environment for individuals who prefer solitude or have specific preferences.

Solo travelers can enjoy a personalized experience without the need to share their living space with others.

While single cabins offer privacy, they may present social challenges for solo travelers looking to interact with fellow passengers.

However, this setup can also encourage individuals to participate in onboard activities and engage with other travelers, fostering new connections and friendships.

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View Obstructions

Lifeboats Blockage

When booking a cabin on Azura, be cautious of potential view obstructions caused by lifeboats. Consider how these blockages can affect your experience onboard.

To minimize the impact, choose cabins located away from lifeboat storage areas.

Structural Elements

Structural elements play a crucial role in cabin layout and design on Azura. These elements can significantly impact your comfort and the functionality of the space.

Adapt to or utilize structural features by positioning furniture strategically for optimal use.

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Azura Ship Overview

Azura, a jewel in the crown of P&O Cruises, is a vessel that embodies the very essence of contemporary cruising, blending luxurious comfort with adventurous opportunities.

Launched in 2010, Azura offers a unique experience to its passengers, capturing the hearts of families, couples, and solo travelers alike with its impeccable service, diverse entertainment options, and wide range of dining experiences.

This section delves into the distinct features that make Azura a preferred choice for many looking to explore the seas.

Ship Specifications

  • Tonnage: Approximately 115,000 GT.
  • Length: 290 meters.
  • Passenger Capacity: Over 3,000 passengers.
  • Crew: Around 1,200 members.

Dining and Cuisine

Azura caters to all taste buds with its array of dining options.

From casual buffets to formal dining rooms and specialty restaurants offering Italian, Indian, and fine dining experiences, every meal is an adventure.

The ship also features celebrity chef partnerships, adding a touch of star quality to its culinary offerings.

Entertainment and Activities

The entertainment onboard Azura is diverse, with something for everyone.

The ship boasts a stunning theatre offering West End-style shows, live music venues, comedy shows, and a casino.

For those looking to relax, there are multiple pools, a spa offering luxurious treatments, and quiet adult-only areas.

Family-Friendly Features

Families are well catered to on Azura, with clubs for kids and teens providing age-appropriate activities and supervised fun.

The ship also features family cabins and plenty of activities that can be enjoyed together, including movie nights under the stars.


Azura’s cabins are designed with comfort and elegance in mind, ranging from cozy inside cabins to luxurious suites with balconies offering panoramic sea views.

Accessible cabins ensure that everyone can enjoy their stay on board, with features designed for guests with mobility needs.


Azura embarks on a variety of itineraries, exploring the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and more.

With a mix of short breaks and longer voyages, Azura provides ample opportunities to discover new destinations and cultures.

Sustainability and Innovation

P&O Cruises is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and Azura is no exception.

The ship utilizes advanced technologies to improve fuel efficiency and minimize waste, ensuring a greener cruising experience.

Onboard Atmosphere

Azura strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and excitement, offering spaces that cater to every mood.

Whether you’re looking to unwind by the pool, enjoy a quiet read in the library, or dance the night away, Azura provides the perfect backdrop.

Azura is not just a ship; it’s a floating oasis of pleasure and relaxation, offering a world of experiences.

Its blend of luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, thrilling entertainment, and family-friendly amenities make it a top choice for those seeking the ultimate cruise experience.

With Azura, P&O Cruises continues its tradition of providing unforgettable voyages across the globe, inviting passengers to explore the world in style and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cabin types should I avoid on Azura?

To avoid noise and wind exposure, cabins to avoid on Azura include those near public areas like the theater or deck, cabins at the front of the ship due to wind exposure, and those directly below the pool deck for potential noise issues.

Are there specific cabins prone to seasickness on Azura?

Yes, cabins located at the front or back of the ship are more prone to feeling the motion of the ocean. It’s advisable to choose midship cabins on lower decks if you’re concerned about seasickness while cruising on Azura.

How can I identify cabins with balcony obstructions on Azura?

Look out for cabins with lifeboats or equipment directly outside their balconies as these can obstruct your view. Be cautious when booking such cabins to ensure an unobstructed view and a pleasant cruise experience onboard Azura.

What unnecessary features should I be wary of in cabins on Azura?

Avoid cabins with unnecessary features like connecting doors (which may lead to noise), bunk beds if not required, or obstructed views due to structural elements. Opting for a simple, functional cabin layout can enhance your comfort during your stay on Azura.

Which cabin locations are considered awkward on Azura?

Cabins located near high-traffic areas such as elevators, stairwells, or crew workspaces can be considered awkward due to noise and lack of privacy. Choosing a cabin away from these areas can ensure a peaceful and enjoyable stay onboard Azura.


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