This Cheap Phone Case Has Withstood My Outdoor Travel Lifestyle for 3 Years

This Cheap Phone Case Has Withstood My Outdoor Travel Lifestyle for 3 Years

This Cheap Phone Case Has Withstood My Outdoor Travel Lifestyle for 3 Years

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This Cheap Phone Case Has Withstood My Outdoor Travel Lifestyle for 3 Years

I&#8217ve had a cell mobile phone considering the fact that I was about 14 many years outdated, and it appears to be like in that overall time, I&#8217ve been striving to come across the excellent cell phone circumstance. Because I have very outdoorsy hobbies, and are likely to be on the clumsy side, I know I&#8217m challenging on phones. But it employed to be that in get to totally defend my phone, I had to have a large, bulky cell telephone case.

But a several decades in the past, I attempted a slim, mild, and certainly affordable Apple iphone situation: the Wāke situation from Lifeproof (owned by Otterbox). It&#8217s sleek, refined, and has managed to face up to a hell of a ton a lot more influence than I&#8217d assume for the rate.

If you&#8217re in need of a cheap mobile phone scenario that functions like a champ, here&#8217s why you may well want to give the Wāke a check out.

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It&#8217s incredibly strong

lifeproof wake cheap phone case

Yes, my cell phone is super-soiled &#8212 but it&#8217s not scratched or damaged. Picture: Suzie Dundas

I&#8217m an out of doors writer and I live in the mountains, so my hobbies have the prospective to break a cellphone (or my physique, I suppose). Snowboarding, mountain biking, mountaineering, and rock climbing can be hard on a cellular phone. But somehow, this low-priced cell phone circumstance has managed to stand up to it all.

Even on a day with no crashes or spills on the trails or slopes, I&#8217m continue to tossing my telephone on the floor or leaving it bouncing all around in a plastic bin of bicycle gear. But that&#8217s on a superior day. Listed here&#8217s a quick checklist of what I&#8217ve set my cellphone by multiple occasions:

  • Having it fly out of my pocket even though fast downhill mountain biking (various periods this yr by itself)
  • Dropping it in the snow although snowshoeing (and likely getting it get run above by cross-county skiers)
  • Dropped it on the floor of safari cars, seaplanes, and scuba diving boats
  • Obtaining it fall out of my pocket although climbing (surely from bigger than the 6 ft it claims it can face up to)
  • Dropped it on dirt, rocks, and boulders whilst tenting and climbing

&#8230and in some way, it&#8217s spared my telephone each and every time. Absolutely sure, it&#8217s most likely dumb luck to some degree, and the outcomes could have been diverse if the cell phone landed encounter-down instead of confront-up. But I experienced this situation on my cellular phone for 3 a long time, and my display didn&#8217t have a scratch. For a person who mountain bikes just about every single working day in the summertime, that&#8217s very damn impressive. It claims it&#8217s only rated to shield telephones for drops up to six toes/two meters, but it&#8217s guarded my cellphone for greater drops than that.

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It&#8217s slim and fits in pockets

cheap phone case - wake lifeproof side

The low-cost phone scenario is super-slim and doesn&#8217t incorporate any bulk to my cellular phone. Photograph: Suzie Dundas

I&#8217ve employed bulkier mobile cellular phone conditions, some of which experienced several parts, separate display screen protectors, and plugs and flaps to address the numerous ports. And they&#8217re a massive, substantial discomfort. Bulky, rubbery circumstances make it hard to slid your cellular phone into your pocket with a single hand whilst snowboarding or climbing &#8212 and the further bulk usually means it could not even in shape in your pocket. I also don&#8217t like the additional friction induced by greater and grippier circumstances, as I find it can make my phone get caught additional in pockets and bags.

But the Wāke circumstances are incredibly slender. They add nearly very little to the width or measurement of my cell phone, and even with the case on, I can in shape it in shorts or backpack pockets that are just scarcely large sufficient. The wave pattern on the again of the case definitely tends to make it substantially a lot less slick than the glass cell phone by itself, so it doesn&#8217t slide off sheets when I toss it on to my bed or drop out if my open purse suggestions around. But it doesn&#8217t have that rubbery, grippy complete that can make other circumstances get caught on each individual area they touch.

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They&#8217re produced from ocean plastic

Cheap phone case - Wake and ocean rope

Inspite of remaining a fairly cheap telephone circumstance, items in the Wāke line are created from ocean plastics (largely fishing waste). Picture: Otterbox

Cellphone measurements and shapes seem to change each and every time a new design will come out, which suggests you&#8217ll most likely require a new mobile phone situation every time you upgrade. Landfill plastics are an huge system, to the issue the place simply stating that appears to be like it&#8217s minimizing the difficulty. Some estimates recommend that people throw absent 1.8 billion mobile telephone cases for each year, which could be legitimate, when you consider that about 5 billion people today all over the planet have mobile telephones.

When the Wāke circumstances aren&#8217t themselves recyclable, they are manufactured with recycled products, instead than new elements. Around 85 p.c of each individual scenario is designed from salvaged fishing equipment (ocean trash, generally), and the all-cardboard packaging is completely recyclable. As a brand name, about the fifty percent the substance Otterbox uses will come from recycled plastic, fairly than new resources.

wake case lifeproof phone

I changed my initial Wāke situation (this purple a person) just after 3 many years &#8212 and bought the same 1 in inexperienced for my new phone. Image: Suzie Dundas

Is it a fantastic, prolonged-term solution? No. But it&#8217s a stage in the ideal path.

By the way, if you observed the PopSocket on my cell phone: PopSocket runs a cell phone circumstance recycling plan. You can ship them any outdated situation you have (plus old PopSockets) and they&#8217ll recycle them for you. If you&#8217re somebody who drops your cell phone a whole lot (say, although having photographs off the side of a boat or safari car), I would pretty strongly counsel purchasing a PopSocket. Mine has stayed place on the back again of the Wāke, even with the situation&#8217s lifted wave pattern. And it will make keeping my phone a person-handed really feel a heck of a great deal far more secure. It&#8217s properly worth the $10 or so they price tag.

It&#8217s not costly

I have an Iphone 12 Professional, which I assumed was pretty latest, but apparently, I&#8217m many versions driving. But that&#8217s fantastic for me, since the Wāke situation for an Iphone 12 Professional is amongst $7.75 and $9.99, based on your color desire. Based on what model you have, that number could go up a minor, but it&#8217s nevertheless a fairly inexpensive cellular phone case, irrespective.

  • The Apple iphone 11 Professional Max starts at $7
  • The Apple iphone 12 Mini starts off at $19
  • The Iphone 13 situation begins at $8
  • The Apple iphone 13 Professional case starts off at $10
  • The Galaxy S22 (Samsung) commences at $10
  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra (Samsung) commences at $12

The downsides

 lifeproof wake in the dirt

Absolutely sure, some of the protection is in all probability thanks to dumb luck of slipping the proper absent, but I&#8217ve place this low-priced scenario via the

The two major drawbacks I can consider of for the Wāke case are that it&#8217s not as strong as other circumstances, and the confined availability.

Personally, I&#8217ve located the Wāke to be much more than long lasting ample for my life-style, which is very darn energetic. But there&#8217s no denying that it gained&#8217t secure your mobile phone if it receives operate above by a car or dropped from a 5-story rooftop. For that, you in all probability will need some thing bulkier and thicker, like the Defender XT, which arrives in styles for the Apple iphone 13 and 14, Apple iphone 14 Professional, the Iphone 15, the Iphone 15 Pro Max, the Apple iphone 15 Professional, as well as other telephones like the Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S24. It contains a monitor protector (which the Wāke doesn&#8217t have), but is also much more high priced, at all around $40-$65, dependent on your phone design.

The 2nd draw back is that it appears the Wāke scenarios may possibly be discontinued, considering that they only look to be obtainable for the Apple iphone 13 and before. So if you&#8217re interested, you may perhaps want to snag a single just before they&#8217re no longer available.

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