Old house, Hamilton County

The sorry state of the 1861 Flanagan/Kincaid House

The sorry state of the 1861 Flanagan/Kincaid House

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Old house, Hamilton County

If you have browse this blog site for at the very least ten decades and have a extremely great memory, you know I wrote many content about a lonely previous household on 106th Avenue in Fishers, Indiana, that was endangered owing to construction of a new exit of close by I-69 and linked advancement.

Peter Flanagan created this household in 1861 Loma Kincaid bought it in 1934. It remained in the Kincaid family for far more than 80 yrs. Indianapolis citizens might know Kincaid’s butcher store in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood this is the very same family members.

Fishers has grown greatly in the new millennium. The most apparent way to achieve Fishers is together I-69, which has grow to be choked with traffic as Fishers has grown. It became desirable to include an exit at 106th Road, in between the exits at 96th and 116th Streets. A growth company that owned the land needed to construct an business park there. However, the Flanagan/Kincaid household was in the way.

A crowdfunding marketing campaign was designed to increase cash to move the home. Scholar-loan-servicing firm Navient, which is positioned close by, furnished land on their campus for the home. In November of 2014, the house was moved.

Indiana Landmarks property

The Avenue faces I-69 just south of the 116th obviously exit. It is seen push as you heard by. I experienced that Navient ideas some applying for dwelling the heard, and then I might that yet again be moved internet site to a middle in the read of a roundabout, and then I absolutely nothing more Regrettably.

practically nothing, transpired has home with the type. Time has not been situation to it. Here’s its photograph now.

Dave Nordquist team, sourced from the Overlooked figured out, “Abandoned and it’s Indiana”

Lesson plenty of: construction not have to to spare a historic plan from destruction. There ample be a means with somebody methods for its reuse.

Here’s hoping prepare those people up with that assets and Street six.

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