Fede next to the Sphinx, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

The 13 Most Stunning Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

The 13 Most Stunning Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

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Fede next to the Sphinx, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most special places on Earth, and there are so many stunning spots for photos at the Egyptian pyramids you can take!

Chances are you won’t be going back a million times to the Pyramids in Egypt, so you’ll want to be prepared in order to take the best photos while you’re there. The good news is that there are a ton of great angles and ways to get cool pictures on the Pyramid grounds, as well as outside of it!

Our Pyramids of Giza travel guide goes over all of the info you need for visiting and having a great time at this incredible world wonder, but this guide is for those wanting to capture the beauty of Giza, and take incredible photos at the Egyptian Pyramids. Happy snapping!

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The Best Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

First, we’re going to share the exact locations of some of our favorite photos spots at the Egyptian Pyramids.

The Best Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids (Inside the Pyramid Grounds)

most of the best photos you’ll see across the internet are taken right on the Pyramid grounds, and can only be accessed with paid entry to the Pyramids of Giza. Here are our top spots inside the complex.

1. In Front of the Sphinx

The most iconic photos at the Egyptian Pyramids in our opinion are in front of the Sphinx! We saw so many cool photos there, and even did 3 different series of pictures there to capture it in all its glory.

You actually aren’t allowed to get up close to the Sphinx, as it is blocked off. However, there is a way to get pictures that look as if you are right in front of it! First, you’ll want to go to the left upon entry to the Pyramids, and go around to the left of the Sphinx. You’ll then see an entry into one of the tombs, but instead you should continue to the right, so you’ll be in a wide open area facing the Sphinx.

In order to get shots like you see below, you’ll want to have a telephoto lens. We used our 70-200 GM lens on this one, and placed out tripod past where the security guard stands. Make sure to center the Sphinx, and set your camera on an internal setting. If you don’t have a tripod, you can simply ask for someone to help you out.

2. On the Left Side of the Sphinx

If you follow the traditional path on the left of the complex, you’ll find the viewing platform for the Sphinx. This is a popular spot for photos, and one where you’ll find a lot of people playing around with poses.

This isn’t our personal favorite spot, as we prefer being smaller in the photo to highlight the background. However, we can’t deny that this is in fact a spot many people love. For this one, you’ll want to use less of a zoom, and maybe try out some creative poses.

3. The Pyramid View From the Left Side of the Sphinx

To the left of the Sphinx viewing platform you’ll see a boarded path. Here you can appreciate a view of one of the pyramids. We also decided to use our telephoto lens for this one, and walk down the path. The walls frame the shot, but you can also walk further down if you want a more open shot.

spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

4. The View from Nine Pyramids Lounge

Nine Pyramids Lounge is the only restaurant on the grounds of the Pyramids, and definitely one of our favorite places for photos at the Egyptian Pyramids.

Not only can you get really cool photos of the Egyptian Pyramids from Nine Pyramids Lounge, but it’s really an incredible place to simply relax and recharge, all while taking in one of the best restaurant views you’ll ever experience.

The tables on the left side have the best view if you’re looking to have a meal, and you can also sit in one of the large cushioned areas below if you want to have a drink.

In order to get here you can either drive straight to the parking lot, or you can walk from the left side of the pyramids through the large sandy area. It’s perched up on a hill, so you really can’t miss it! It took us about 10-15 minutes to walk from the Great Pyramid.

puppy at Nine Pyramids lounge

5. The Nine Pyramids View Point

Other than the pictures in front of the Sphinx, these are probably our favorite photos at the Egyptian Pyramids. This is one of the furthest viewpoints of them all, but is actually just a short walk from Nine Pyramids Lounge.

This viewpoint is special because you can actually capture all 9 pyramids in just one picture! In order to find it we simply walked towards the south western corner of the complex. You really can’t miss it, as there are a ton of camels hanging out in this area.

In order to capture this view best, you’ll want to zoom in on your camera, setting it up high. Set your camera on Interval and situate yourself lower than the camera. This way you’ll be able to capture the entire frame closer up, without blocking the view itself.

spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

6. Three Pyramid View

After the Nine Pyramids Viewpoint you can continue to walk towards the road that borders the Pyramids, and you’ll find another herd of camels. Here you can start to see 3 of the Pyramids, with a big gap between the two on the left, and one on the right.

We walked up on a hill a bit, standing on an angle to situate ourselves in the open gap, but of course there are a number of ways you can photograph this iconic location.

3 pyramids view, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

7. On the Corner of the Great Pyramid

Khufu (the biggest pyramid) is definitely one of the most popular photo spots at the Egyptian pyramids, as it is the star of the show.

While you can take photos at a variety of angles, we personally enjoy capturing one of the corners, so that you can appreciate the shape better.

We suggest standing a bit further back – this way you can also see more of the Pyramid, and capture its massive size. In our case, a camel happened to walk right in front of our camera, giving it an even more fun accent to the photos.

Great Pyramid of Egypt, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian PyramidsGreat pyramid, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

(Disclaimer: We do not support paid photoshoots with camels, as we don’t agree with using them for tourism – but if one happens to walk near your camera, you may as well take advantage of the photo bomb).

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8. In Front of the Pyramid of Khafre

The Great Pyramid is certainly the star of the show, and the one where most people take their photos at the Egyptian pyramids. However, head to the neighboring Pyramid (the slightly smaller one), and you’ll find that it has far less people! 

We also enjoyed taking photos at this one, because you have less obstructions around it, meaning you can easily get a picture on one of the sides with a clear view, and likely with no one in front of you either.

Pyramid of Khafre, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramidsflying dress at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

The Best Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids (Cool Hotels With Views of the Pyramids)

We had such a fun time taking photos at the Egyptian Pyramids! But one thing that you can’t take advantage of while on the complex, are the stunning sunrises and sunsets. This is where having a cool hotel with a view of the Pyramids is a game changer!

There are a lot of hotels in Giza with views of the Pyramids, but we’ve selected a few of our personal favorites.

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9. The Jacuzzi Airbnbs

This is the apartment that we stayed at while visiting the Pyramids of Giza, and we absolutely loved it! The owner actually has several apartments, all of which have unobstructed views of the Egyptian Pyramids, and have a jacuzzi right in front of the long window facing them. It truly was one of the most incredible places we have ever stayed, and it didn’t cost an arm or a leg either.

Jacuzzi Airbnb in Giza

10. Hi Pyramids

This Airbnb is located right next to the Jacuzzi Airbnbs in Giza, and is a stay that has become increasingly popular due to some viral posts on Instagram. 

Hi Pyramids is an apartment which has a beautiful balcony facing the pyramids, and is certainly one you’ll want to book in advance. It was sold out for the dates that we were in Giza, but we’re definitely going to book this one for our next visit.

11. The Marriott Mean House

Normally we’re not fans of supporting large chain hotels, and this includes the Marriott. However, we’re willing to make an exception for this one, as the Marriott Mena House in Giza is one of the oldest and most iconic hotels around the world!

The Mena House is literally right in front of the pyramids, and has a gorgeous garden area with some of the best views you could ask for. This one is a bit pricey, but certainly a hotel to add to your bucket lis if you can afford it.

12. Guardian Guest House

This is another great hotel known for its views of the Egyptian Pyramids. It is actually right in front of the Pyramids complex, and has pretty affordable rates! Just make sure to book one of the rooms that includes a view.

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Other Cool Spots for Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

If you don’t plan on spending a night in Giza, but want to appreciate a beautiful sunset behind the Pyramids of Giza, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of great spots that you can appreciate stunning sunset views of the Egyptian Pyramids without having to stay in one of the hotels nearby.

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13. The Cafes Along The Main Road

Right along the main road in front of the Pyramids of Giza you’ll find a ton of different cafes! Some of them are rooftops of hotels, and some are simply restaurants. Some of the best ones are Cleopatra Bistro, Hayat Pyramids View, and Egypt Pyramids Hotel, all of which have front-facing views of Egyptian Pyramids, with the sun setting between them.

view from cafe in front of the pyramids, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian PyramidsDanni and Fede at cafe in front of the pyramidscafe in front of the pyramids, spots for the best photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

There are a ton of great cafes in front of the pyramids.

Tips for Getting the Best Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

  • Go as early as possible for the best lighting.
  • Fully charge your camera and phone.
  • Bring a power bank, or bring a charger to plug in at Nine Pyramids.
  • Bring an ND filter to filter the harsh rays from the sun.
  • Take a lens that has a good zoom on it.
  • Use a tripod and take burst shots to get photos at the Egyptian Pyramids without people.
  • Plan your outfit! Our favorite colors for clothing are either neutral (white, black, and beige), or a solid color that pops (such as red or green).
  • Get a camel in your shot (but don’t do a photoshoot – just try to capture them passing).
  • Try fun poses!

Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Neutral and solid colors look great in front of the pyramids.

How We Captured Our Photos at the Egyptian Pyramids

All of our photos while visiting the Pyramids of Egypt were taken by us.. Here are the different things we used to capture photos at the Egyptian Pyramids:

  • Mirrorless Camera: Sony Alpha 7riii
  • Standard Lens: We use the 24-70 GM from Sony, as it has a variety of focal lengths and stunning quality
  • Telephoto Lens: to make the Pyramids appear closer from the viewpoints – We use the 70-200 GM by Sony
  • Action Camera: We use the Insta 360 X3 because it’s small & waterproof
  • Extra long selfie stick by Insta 360: this creates a drone effect
  • Tripod: You can have your camera on interval, and then choose from the photos with the least amount of people, or you can merge your images to get people out.
  • Presets: We use our own Scratch Your Mapa Presets (this one with the Into the Wild Preset Collection)

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Now you are ready to take some stunning photos at the Egyptian Pyramids! Have more questions about visiting the Pyramids? Make sure to check out our Pyramids of Giza Travel Guide.

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