Springtime fun with the Kodak EasyShare Z710

Springtime fun with the Kodak EasyShare Z710

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I walk for exercise, but walking can be boring. Sometimes I listen to podcasts or books, and often I bring a camera along and photograph whatever strikes my fancy. Doing that with film cameras gets expensive quick. Recently I got out my Kodak EasyShare Z710 digital camera. I carried it with me on walks for a few weeks.


The Z710 is chunky. But it’s also small and light, which makes up for it.

Deuce and a Quarter

I bumped into a couple classic cars while out and about with the Z710.

Deuce and a Quarter

I also came across this non-classic Jeep. The Z710’s 380mm-equivalent zoom lens let me capture this from down the street, which let me give a simple subject a bit of dramatic flair.

Jeep nose

The Z710 also has a macro mode, which works best when the lens is at its base focal length of 38mm (equivalent).


I like macro shooting a lot, so any camera that does it well while also being good at general photography is a winner for me.

Pine cone in training

High-voltage power lines bisect my subdivision. Last year the HOA killed all the grass under the wires, and this year will plant wildflowers there. Should look good, and they won’t have to pay to mow here.

Vast field

One of my most favorite things about spring is the flowering shrubs and trees. One of my most favorite things about the Z710 is that I can shoot something like this from all the way across the street without having to move in closer.

Signs of spring

Finally, the crew doing sidewalk repairs in my neighborhood this spring placed this dumpster at the end of my street to contain their concrete waste. I saw what I thought was an interesting composition here so I went for it.


The Z710 is fun. It’s also capable, within limits typical of digicams of the mid-2000s. You can pick one up on eBay for $20 or less.

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