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Nikon F3
28mm f/2.8 Tokina EL
Fujicolor 200 at EI 100

I’ve been going to the gym two nights a week most weeks for the last couple of months. Hadn’t been to the gym since the 90s. Already, a pesky pain I sometimes get in my right hip has gone away. That pain was so bad in 2019 that I had a hard time walking and needed physical therapy. It looks like some simple strengthening of the muscles around that hip was all I needed to kick this problem to the curb.

I have a tricky left knee, too. I never know when going up stairs will be painful, right under the kneecap. I’ve discovered that I activate it by twisting that leg when I get into my car. I’ve had to change how I do that. Now I sit down sideways in the seat and twist on my butt to bring my legs in. My wife’s CUV is taller than my car, and when I drive it I just step in. No twisting. I’ve always been a staunch car guy, but even I have to admit that it’s easier to get into and out of a CUV. My next car will probably be a CUV too.

It’s helpful to keep that knee happy because it makes taking daily walks easier. At about 3½ miles per hour I don’t breathe heavy but I do sweat. I hate to sweat. Yuck. But someone I know who works in healthcare for the elderly says that the differentiator between people who had a good and healthy old age and those who don’t is that the former group walks, a lot. So I walk, and sometimes sweat.

I have a skincare routine now. I never paid any attention to that before, but a good wash, a little retinol cream here and there, and a light moisturizer every morning really does freshen up my face.

And I’m combating the growing bald spot atop my head. I tried topical Rogaine and it didn’t work. I tried oral Propecia but it gave me bad side effects. This time I signed up with one of the online companies that sell stuff like this for men. They sell a topical Rogaine and Propecia spray. Maybe this will help. I’ll be happy enough if the hair loss just stops.

The need to pee wakes me up at least once every night now. It doesn’t matter whether I drank anything the evening before. The quality of my sleep could be better, too. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to lie down, fall asleep, not wake up until morning, and feel rested.

I have my waking-up meds and supplements, my breakfast meds and supplements, my dinner meds and supplements, and my bedtime meds and supplements. It feels like I’m always swallowing a pill.

My body requires a lot more maintenance now, and reminds me it exists in ways it never did before. But I’m glad to have it.

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