Rogan Josh & Galouti Kebab Make It To List Of 50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World; No 1 Is...

Rogan Josh & Galouti Kebab Make It To List Of 50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World; No 1 Is…

Rogan Josh & Galouti Kebab Make It To List Of 50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World; No 1 Is…

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Rogan Josh & Galouti Kebab Make It To List Of 50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World; No 1 Is...

Ask any carnivore about the sheer appreciate they have for lamb dishes. The robust, unique taste of kebabs, curries and grills made of lamb meat has a faithful supporter foundation across India and the globe. Lately, TasteAtlas an experiential on line journey and food items manual produced a list of the ’50 Very best Lamb Dishes in the World’. And guess what? Rogan Josh and Galouti Kebab were the two Indian dishes that designed it to this coveted listing.

Rogan Josh & Galaouti Kebab Element On ’50 Finest Lamb Dishes In The World’ Listing

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TasteAtlas took to its Instagram take care of to share a record of the 50 greatest lamb dishes in the world. Rogan Josh a lamb curry from Kashmir built with intensive spices and a creamy tomato sauce bagged the 26th posture on this coveted record. And Galaouti Kebab, a speciality from Lucknow, organized with minced lamb tenderised with raw papaya, spices, browned onions and channa dal bagged the 27th position.

Rogan Josh and Galaouti Kebab have been the only two dishes from India that created it to the ’50 Greatest Lamb Dishes in the World’ checklist. Paidaka took the 1st place— conventional Greek lamb chops sluggish-cooked about an open up charcoal pit. A few Turkish delicacies — Cağ kebabı, Doner kebab and Adana kebap— bagged the next, third and fourth areas respectively. Turkey is regarded for its delicious lamb kebabs which are beautifully spiced and cooked to excellent on the grill. So, to see Turkish dishes reign supreme on this TasteAtlas record.

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Here’s The Full Listing

Here’s the total record for you to verify out.

  1. Paidakia- Greece
  2. Cağ kebabı- Turkey
  3. Doner kebab- Turkey
  4. Adana kebap- Turkey
  5. Lechazo- Spain
  6. Hünkar beğendi-Turkey
  7. Iskender kebap- Turkey
  8. Kleftiko-Greece
  9. Cordero asado- Spain
  10. Chakhchoukha- Algeria
  11. Tsigaristo- Greece
  12. Lagman-Uzbekistan
  13. Kabab koobideh-Iran
  14. Çöp şiş-Turkey
  15. Kabab barg-Iran
  16. Ghormeh sabzi-Iran
  17. Alinazik kebab-Turkey
  18. Kabab torsh-Iran
  19. Kuzu şiş-Turkey
  20. Cordero al palo- Chile
  21. Arni me patates sto fourno-Greece
  22. Antikristo- Greece
  23. Chopan kabob- Afghanistan
  24. Arrosticini- Italy
  25. Abgoosht- Iran
  26. Rogan Josh- India 
  27. Galaouti Kebab- India
  28. Beyti Kebab- Turkey
  29. Lyulya Kebab- Armenia
  30. Chanakhi- Georgia 
  31. Dande Kebab- Iran
  32. Cordero patagónico al asador-Argentina
  33. Roast leg of Lakeland lamb-Cumbria
  34. Jingisukan-Japan
  35. Khoresh gheimeh-Iran
  36. Seekh kabab-Pakistan
  37. Pinnekjøtt-Norway
  38. Tanjia-Morocco
  39. Xinjiang lamb skewers-China
  40. Janjetina ispod peke- Croatia
  41. Roast lamb with mint sauce
  42. Kuzu kapama-Turkey
  43. Stufat-Romania 
  44. Hangikjöt-Iceland
  45. Khashlama-Armenia 
  46. Buglama-Azerbaijan
  47. Shaki piti- Azerbaijan
  48. Islim kebabı-Turkey
  49. Kabuli pulao-Afghanistan
  50. Chakapuli- Georgia 

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Which of these lamb dishes are you excited to attempt?

Address Graphic Courtesy: Canva Pro

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