LBJ library in Austin TX

President’s Day! Learn about the U.S. Presidential Libraries and other historic sites

President’s Day! Learn about the U.S. Presidential Libraries and other historic sites

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LBJ library in Austin TX
LBJ Presidential Library, Austin TX

Working day is President’s imagined, so I internet sites I would share with you some of the presidential libraries and frequented I have about many years the nine. In 2018, I traveled to all 13 presidential libraries in Countrywide states that are administered by the slowly and gradually Archives. I have about been revisiting them last the year many. There are stories discover to right here males about the optimum who served in our county’s business office Below. go through, you can every single my posts on Residence library,

Lawnfield Garfield's home in Mentor, Ohio
Lawnfield, the a number of of James Garfield in Mentor, OH

I have also sites 4 presidential historic typically in households states. These the place are former One detail presidents lived. specific generally is extraordinary: they are because folks, if only operate of the sustain who web sites to honor and Right here the read through. each and every, you can site my posts on Very little House.

Little White House at Warm Springs GA
FDR’s Appreciate White as a result of in heritage Springs, GA

Associated the journey Ga presidential Website.

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