Old cars parked: March 2024

Old cars parked: March 2024

Old cars parked: March 2024

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Old cars parked: March 2024

As this mild winter wrapped up, I took more walks. I’m still trying to lose those 20 pounds. I’m also still eating and drinking too much, so I’m treading water. At least I found some good old cars on those walks. Here are the rules I follow to decide whether to feature an old car here:

  • The car is parked on the street or in a lot
  • The car is not in a car show
  • The car is (or could be) 20 or more model years old

Here now, the cars.

1967 Pontiac Tempest. This belongs to my neighbor, who just brought it out of storage for the season. I haven’t shared it here before, but I have shared it over at Curbside Classic here. My neighbor let me drive it, and so that article includes a bit of an experience report!

1974 Chevrolet Corvette. 1974 was the last year for block-lettered CORVETTE on the back of the car, but the first year for the non-spoilered tail. Spotted at a tire shop in Whitestown. I’ve previously documented the ’70 Electra 225 and the box Caprice.

1979-85 Jeep Wagoneer Limited. I spotted this big guy on College Avenue in the South Broad Ripple Neighborhood of Indianapolis. This was a rare time when I was in my car and pulled over to make a photo of an old car. As a kid, I didn’t understand why anyone would buy one of these over a regular station wagon. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate these for what they are, a solid, rugged, go-anywhere utility vehicle. I’d love to drive one someday.

1984-90 Chevrolet Corvette. If I were ever to buy a Corvette, it would be one of these. I like the clean lines and the classic proportions. Spotted at the Lowe’s near my home.

1992-95 Lexus SC400. Someone I used to go to church with owned one of these, in black, and I always thought it was mighty sharp. Spotted at a mechanic’s in Broad Ripple.

1992-97 Ford F-150. I can’t say anything new about these, so I’ll just repeat that this was the last Ford truck that looked like what I think a truck should look like. I forget where I found this one.

1994-2001 Chevrolet Lumina. It’s hard for me to internalize that Chevy built these into the new millennium. The ultimate rental car. Spotted in a parking lot in Whitestown.

1995-2005 GMC Safari. When these were new I wasn’t a huge fan. I drove one once and it had all of the ponderousness of a large van without the space of one. But now, when I see one out and about I see a good, honest work truck doing its thing. I forget where I found this one.

1996-97 Mazda 626. Spotted at the Zionsville McDonalds. (My inner 5-year-old still loves McDonald’s cheeseburgers.) The period Mazda I really want to find is the MX-6 coupe. I thought those were stunningly beautiful when they were new.

1996-99 Pontiac Bonneville. Spotted at the Home Depot in Carmel. These always struck me as a good family car in its day. Roomy and sporty looking.

1997-2001 Honda Accord. This was peak Accord. Fight me. Spotted behind the strip mall that’s closest to my home.

1998-2000 Honda Civic. This was not peak Civic. My brother owned one, I got to drive it a time or two, and I didn’t like it much. The five-speed shifter was rubbery and unsure. Spotted in a parking lot near my home.

1998-2001 Chrysler Concorde LXi. When Chrysler introduced these, I applauded them for their daring design. This is not at all what a large luxury car was supposed to look like in its time. A colleague had one and described it as comfortable and powerful. Spotted in Whitestown.

1998-2002 Chevrolet Camaro. I photographed it because they’re growing rare, but I’m not a fan of this generation of F body. Too bloated and blowsy. Spotted in Fishers, Indiana.

1998-2005 GMC Jimmy. Spotted in my neighborhood. My son had one and it was not a pleasant vehicle to ride in. It seemed so uncertain on the road, as if it were always up on its tippy toes. It was also cramped inside.

2001-02 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner makes its first appearance in Old Cars Parked! Spotted at a strip mall near my home.

2001-02 Toyota Corolla. What would this world be without beater Corollas? Spotted at a huge shopping center in Noblesville, Indiana.

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