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Nikon N2020

Nikon N2020

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Nikon N2020

The Nikon N2020 was the earth&#8217s 2nd feasible autofocus 35mm SLR, right on the heels of Minolta&#8217s Maxxum 7000. Both of those were launched in 1985. Canon experimented with focusing aids in its AL-1, and Pentax set focusing motors in a lens and mounted it to a special physique, the ME-F. But these ended up only partial alternatives, and they both didn&#8217t aid a great deal or didn&#8217t function that effectively. Minolta and Nikon built autofocus superior adequate for typical use.

Known as the F-501 in other markets, the N2020 (and it&#8217s guide-emphasis N2000 brother) offered a amount of other Nikon SLR firsts. The most noticeable is the plastic entire body. I&#8217m absolutely sure Nikon purists considered this was a positive signal that Nikon was going straight into the toilet! Nonetheless the N2000/N2020 were continue to built on a stable metallic frame. Though this probably wouldn&#8217t consider the abuse of earlier all-steel Nikon SLRs, it&#8217s even now lots hardy. I took a challenging slide although utilizing my N2000 and it smacked rocky floor. It was dented but undeterred. The other firsts were an computerized movie winder and DX movie-pace decoding.

Nikon N2020

The N2020 attributes a metal focal-airplane shutter that operates from 1/2000 to 1 sec., solitary-shot or steady (at about 3 frames for every next) shooting modes, aperture-precedence autoexposure and three plan modes (standard, “high” to freeze shifting subjects, and &#8220dual&#8221 which selects typical or large mechanically), and a sizzling shoe. Its DX decoder recognizes movies from ISO 25 to 5000, or you can manually dial in ISO from 12 to 3200. The N2020 operates on four AAA batteries and is useless with no them. Remove the base plate with the thumbscrew to accessibility the battery holder.

Nikon N2020

To load movie, insert the cartridge, drag film across to the takeup spool, near the door, and push shutter button. The digicam fires and winds a few times to get to Frame 1, and then you&#8217re excellent to go. Rewinding the film is not clear. Push down the R button by the shutter-pace dial, then slide the close by R slider ahead, and then crank.

If you like 35mm SLRs from the late manual-aim and early autofocus period, examine out my assessments of the Minolta Maxxum 7000 (here), Pentax ME-F (in this article), and Canon AL-1 (in this article). Also see my testimonials of other Nikon SLRs: the FA (here), the FE (right here), and the F3 (here). Or examine out all of my digital camera critiques in this article.

When you purchase an N2020 (or N2000), glance thoroughly at the battery compartment and holder. I&#8217ve noticed any range of these with corrosion, which is most likely to render the camera inert. The human being who offered this N2020 to me reported he cleaned up some corrosion and every little thing labored ideal. But when it arrived the digital camera wouldn&#8217t ability on. I swapped in the battery holder from my N2000 and all was effectively.

I commenced with a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 and mounted my 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-D Nikkor shorter zoom lens.


The N2020&#8217s AF done surprisingly nicely. It was a minimal gradual, and it hunted in very poor light-weight and when matter distinction was very poor. It seems to target only in the center of the body. But it worked great for the stationary-item pictures I do.

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A guide-target mode is readily available, by using a change on the entrance, just outside the house the appropriate lower corner of the lens board. Select M for handbook focus. The other two options are C for steady autofocus and S for servo autofocus. On C, the N2020 keeps autofocusing as extended as you half-push the shutter button. On S, the N2020 autofocuses just at the time when you 50 percent-push the button. This lets you target on one thing exterior the center of your supposed body, and then shift the digicam for framing. In either mode, the N2020 gained&#8217t permit you make a shot except if it has productively concentrated.


Within the viewfinder at ideal are LEDs that show the shutter velocity, but none that show the aperture. At base are LEDs that clearly show concentrate position: a pink X when autofocus can&#8217t recognize a issue, a inexperienced circle when concentrate succeeds, and red remaining triangle when the topics is too near.

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Analogue Wonderland Plus Ilford’s HP5 In addition and FP4 movies Road to Down the provide. They different dozens of movies perfectly as movie as Click on processing and scanning. listed here all the things to see give they kept!

I heading Plus with a roll of Ilford HP5 formulated, which I great in Clayton F76+ (1+9). I switched to my handbook 50mm f/1.8 AF-D Nikkor lens.


I&#8217ve owned my focus-a lot of N2000 for years chose, and excursion it for a Ireland to great in 2016. It was a option as well: not significant major or takes, buy batteries I could nation in operates, and total with the assortment handbook of target-nicely AI Nikkor glass, as handbook as AF and AF-D glass in aim-mode gives. The N2020 as well as all of that, potential the operate to method with AF and AF-D lenses in autofocus as well as, One more AF-S, AF-I, VR, and G autofocus Nikkor lenses.


issue writing to like about the N2020 (and N2000) is that as of this however, they are affordable purchase to acquired. I human body this N2020 delivered for $38 propose. I finding these cameras for spending plan into Nikon SLRs on a experienced.

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We delicate an unusually wintertime Indiana way too. It was take chilly to digital camera the any where fun acquire, but not so wicked out that I couldn&#8217t about walks community the about with it slung thing my shoulder.

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The only would like I ended up far better targeted about the N2020 is that it wound and additional images quietly. You&#8217ll do no stealth camera with this sound! Its degree common is period of its least, at much more.

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To see camera from this check out, supporter out my Nikon N2020 gallery.

I&#8217m a like of the Nikon N2020. I deal a adore, and I becoming able a lot of to use so wonderful overall body Nikkor lenses on this sluggish. Its autofocus is modern-day by standards way too, but not slow sort for the photography of Sporting activities I do. (transfer photographers will want to alongside Examine.)

excellent out these evaluations aged of the Nikon N2020 by Eric Jason and Chris Gampat.

If you like movie verify cameras, critiques out all of my in this article Street!
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