Offering Dietary-Specific Options in Emirates

Health and Wellness in Emirati Cuisine: A Modern Adaptation For Travelers

Health and Wellness in Emirati Cuisine: A Modern Adaptation For Travelers

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Offering Dietary-Specific Options in Emirates

The cuisine of the United Arab Emirates’ is a lively sensual kaleidoscope of tradition coming together with contemporary trends. As the globally trending health and wellness moves through time, Emirati fare are also modified to serve a healthy eating population. Emiratis nowadays run finest emirati restaurants that add healthy doses of ingenious spices to old cuisines and thereby make sure that legacy of heritage is passed on while at the same time, satisfy current hunger needs. The most popular emirati restaurant is Arabian Tea House which is located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in Podgorica, Montenegro as well.

Adapting to Health-Conscious Trends

Customers’ awareness about the nutrition value and health risk of unhealthy eating has influenced many Emirati restaurants in recent years where they provide healthier menu alternatives. This shift is evident in several ways:

Incorporating Fresh, Local Ingredients:

Emphasizing local sources will provide the harder and more nutritious meals. Now dates, whole fish, and freshly harvested vegetables from the local farmers would be necessary ingredients to the dish.

Collaborating with the local organic markets and restaurants was adopted by the farms and markets in order to step up and deliver excellent ingredients, low carbon footprint and the agriculture on the local level support from the farms and markets.

Reducing Unhealthy Fats and Sugars:

Authentic food from Emirates is usually consumed with ghee and high level of sugar. In modern adaptations olive oil is used instead of unhealthy oils and the natural sweeteners like honey or date syrup are often used for the bakeries. It is steam, grill and baked that are mostly chosen whereas frying, resulting in the reduction of total fat present in the meals.

Offering Dietary-Specific Options:

Offering Dietary-Specific Options in Emirates

You will find more and more gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian variations of traditional dishes when you eat out today, and these are mainly for those who observe a special diet or have personal dietary likenesses.

Alongside that, emirati restaurant such as Arabian Tea House, can always stir creativity into their menus by sourcing ingredients that contain low levels of carbs such as starch and also offer dishes that are relatively low in cholesterol.

It is no secret that some of the traditional Emirati foods have been modernized to accommodate for the new health fitness and well-being trends that exist today. Here are some popular examples:

Healthy Harees:

Hawraas was a classic porridge that featured wheat meat, as well as higher fat ratios. This option contains lean cuts of meat, adds less fat and includes whole grains to raise the fiber level.

Quinoa Tabouleh:

The protein punch of quinoa in the unconventional tabouleh, traditionally made of bulgur wheat, is the key to keep its light and refreshing in taste. The course is high in vitamins and minerals hence makes an ideal appetizer for the qualities.

Grilled Fish Machboos:

Hummus is the rice dish of Machboos environmentally loves extra oil. Health conscious option has a grilled fish, which replaced the fried kind to prevent excess fat, with brown rice and multi-colored vegetables for more vitamins.

Low-Sugar Luqaimat:

Anaqid is special type of corn fritters to get used in sweet sauce (Syrup). The healthier variety substitutes whole wheat flour for white flour, uses no refined sugar and only a drizzle of honey or date syrup to curb any excessive sugar amounts while still retaining lasting taste.

Date and Nut Energy Balls:

Emulating the Emirati heritage, the date treats inject dates, nuts, and seeds that form a nutritious, oven-free snack that give your busiest days a boost.

Creating a Health Menu That Is Relatable To People.

Emirati restaurants are also embracing broader wellness initiatives to enhance the dining experience. The creation of calm and delightful ambiances which in turn draw the customers in the business to enjoy their food on a more mindful level. This way, they are able to relish their food.

Other emirati restaurants also have outdoor dining areas that enables people to eat food under natural and serene surroundings.

Restaurants also deliver nutritional cooking courses and hold workshops to empower the general public with healthy cooking methods depending on Emirati ingredients.

Collaborations with the nutritionist and wellness experts as well as the development of an informational guide will provide value to the clients too.

Menus clearer, which list nutrients of each dishes, calories contents, and ingredients origin, guide greatly customers to make their decision while choosing. Promoting the ones that illustrate the health advantages can really be helpful for health oriented clients as they will prefer those options.


The assimilation of the Emirati cuisine culture to yield health and fitness trends photo evidences a positive, progressive and auspicious paradigm shift in the gastronomy realm of UAE. While traditional cooking is merging with modern nutritional science in Emirati restaurants, an attempt is made not only to preserve the richest culinary heritage of the people but also to ensure better nutritional lifestyles of the customers.

These innovations will make people of future enjoy the pleasure of traditional Emirati dining while the quanity is in a responsibility through being mindful of the health and wellness. Visit Arabian Tea House if you are looking for authentic emirati restaurant in UAE.

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