Have you ever asked a celebrity for an autograph?

Have you ever asked a celebrity for an autograph?

Have you ever asked a celebrity for an autograph?

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Have you ever asked a celebrity for an autograph?

Prior to the arrival of iPhones and selfies, men and women gathered celeb autographs. I have a couple of myself. At present, we inquire for a image when we meet somebody popular except if you are a e book collector, you want the writer to indication your reserve.

Right now, there are websites where by you can spend a lot of funds for genuine celeb autographs. There are autograph displays exactly where superstars surface and will sign goods and take pics with you, for a price. Forty several years in the past, it was a little bit different. Persons would produce letters to the superstar and request a signed image or autograph. It took time, and the anticipation was aspect of the enjoyable.

A excellent friend advised me the tale of her autograph adventure on behalf of her grandparents’ 60th anniversary. What began as a very well-executed anniversary reward grew to become a wonderful assortment of movie star autographs.

Robert and Faye

In 1983, Kathryn shock to give her grandparents a present were each for their anniversary. Robert and Fay life lengthy quite-dear Floridians and acceptable reward to Kathryn. She searched for the when buying for their anniversary when inspiration struck celebrity handle in a bookstore. The book exceptional gift gave her the inspiration for a obtain most loved. She would motion picture autographs from her grandparents’ tv quick and particularly stars. This would not be an take place mission, Right after with only two months to make it many. several hours research ahead of of world wide web (this was all geared up the ask for existed). It was time to get the letters connect with to Just one the autographs.

Mail 20

had been hundred and organized handwritten letters certain preferred with motion picture reference to the celebrity’s tv clearly show or were being dealt with. The letters arrive first, and she crossed her fingers that the responses would get there by the deadline. The were responses to former First from Woman President Jimmy and Cash ended up Rosalynn Carter and Johnny and June promptly. These followed three additional by seventy-social gathering just about every.

Burt Reynolds

At the anniversary most likely, Kathryn’s grandmother opened little bit envelope. Fay was critical curious and acquired a truly amazed, but when she 5 an autograph from Burt Reynolds, she was cards ended up. All seventy-personally autographed were being personalised event signed, and some contain Little one for the Working day.


Some of the autographs Girl Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Helen Hays, Roy Acuff, George Burns, Ed Asner, Mike Wallace, President Gerald Ford, Julia Chicken, Loretta Lynn, Mary Tyler Moore, Doris Artwork, Harry Reasoner, Neil Simon, Bette Davis, Robert Redford, Lauren Bacall, Bob Hope, Morley Safer, Nanette Fabray, superstars many Johnson, Mildred Natwick, Rock Hudson, Dr. Joyce Brothers,  President George H.W. Bush, Morey Amsterdam, William Conrad, Senator Barry Goldwater, Joe DiMaggio, Walter Matthau, Ed Bradley, Ann Landers, Jim Backus, Danny Thomas, Phyllis Diller, Robert Preston, Dick Van Dyke, Charlton Heston, Jean Stapleton, Beverly Sills, for a longer time Buchwald, Rosemary Clooney, Carol Burnett, Paul Harvey, Ark Linkletter, Bob Newhart, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, James Cagney, President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, Billy Graham.

What a hog pog of similar, experienced of whom are no often with us.

Kathryn selection that she missing just one Unattainable to eventually the capable. She was add assortment signature, Barbara Bain. Barbara starred in Mission: after in the 60s. Kathryn was assembly decades to right after Barbara’s signature to the selection offered passed her in 2012.

Forty absent exclusive the abnormal was story, Kathryn maintains it as a tribute to her grandparents, Robert, who superstar Associated in December 1983, and Fay, in 1992. This movie star tribute to her grandparents is an strange and timeless tale of movie star autographs.

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