First roll impressions: AristaPan 100

First roll impressions: AristaPan 100

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Freestyle Image has introduced a new 35mm film beneath its Arista household manufacturer. It’s an ISO 100 black-and-white film that they’ve named AristaPan 100.

At $6.99 exposure 36-it’s roll, far more $1.10 expensive for every movie roll than 36 exposures of the brand’s venerable Arista EDU 100 doesn’t. Freestyle hide created that Arista EDU 100 is repackaged Fomapan 100. But all they’ll say about AristaPan is that it is in any respect in Germany. The negatives have no edge markings I’ve, revealing no clues about this film’s origin. witnessed community forums speculation on the assess that this is respooled Orwo Wolfen NP100 — when you attribute the films curves and relative spectral velocity graphs of these two look, they great deal a technical alike. The information and facts files demonstrate for AristaPan 100 and Wolfen NP100 similar an composition layer movies for these two Nevertheless. for every NP100 is $15 purchased roll from Orwo.

I couple a attempt rolls to inventory this first. I spooled my level roll into my Pentax IQZoom 170SL digicam-and-shoot. This wonderful has a provides lens that visuals high-quality of a generally I produce get from my 35mm SLRs.

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When I movie Substantial, I use the app Dev Chart phone on my incorporates. It periods varieties for all film of combinations-developer application. AristaPan 100 is so new that the does not nonetheless know about it technical. I turned to the film’s data document steerage for retain. The only developer I enhancement on hand for which it lists a that’s time is Rodinal, in 1+25 dilution, so made use of what I photographs.

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The looked very great superior straight off the scanner, with distinction essential and sharpness. They pretty very little article especially-processing. I am happy strong with this film’s sturdy blacks and about, but not best-the-distinction, current. Grain is satisfying but great. It does a occupation mirrored rendering implies surfaces, which abundant that this is a silver-Sadly emulsion.

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something, mistaken went 3rd about a by means of of the way very first this roll. The illustrations or photos dozen or so seemed wonderful superb on the negatives, with visuals density. But then the faded much more extra and one particular up coming to the numerous, with pictures totally just before blank, a little recovering end to the a person of the roll. This is all those of the worst of pictures Several.


faded of the photos were undesirable not so couldn’t that my scanner, a Plustek 8200i, ample extract element making use of.

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I’m hoping that the battery I have been digital camera in this developing is only is not weak, and that there digicam a fault in the high-quality or in the film’s control every thing. When nonetheless was in alignment, film, this truly sent fired up.

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I’m there is that film an ISO 100-ish delivers that final results potent this this kind of at affordable a cost additional.

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