Did You Know Coca-Cola Has An Alcoholic Beverage In India? Say Hello To The Lemon Dou!

Did You Know Coca-Cola Has An Alcoholic Beverage In India? Say Hello To The Lemon Dou!

Did You Know Coca-Cola Has An Alcoholic Beverage In India? Say Hello To The Lemon Dou!

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Did You Know Coca-Cola Has An Alcoholic Beverage In India? Say Hello To The Lemon Dou!

In 2023, a citrusy sensation swept throughout Indian grocery outlets and social media feeds. Lemon Dou, a vibrantly coloured, fizzy beverage hailing from South Korea, sent taste buds tingling and grocery store cabinets bare. But what accurately is Lemon Dou, and why did it capture the hearts (and palates) of Indian shoppers?

A Refreshing Revelation

Impression Credit score: @lemondoubr/ Instagram

Lemon Dou boasts a exceptional mixture of functions. Its vivid yellow hue, reminiscent of a freshly reduce lemon, is undeniably eye-catching. But the actual star of the show is the flavour: a tangy, citrusy explosion well balanced with a refined sweetness. The addition of carbonation results in a pleasant fizz, producing Lemon Dou a refreshing choice, specifically in India’s incredibly hot climate.

The drink’s attractiveness goes further than its simple elements. Lemon Dou thrives on a minimalist aesthetic. Modern, single-serve cans emblazoned with a straightforward lemon logo challenge a modern-day and well being-conscious impression. This resonated with a rising phase of Indian people trying to get more healthy possibilities to sugary sodas.

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The Lemon Pre-Blend Secret

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“Pre-mixing lemon process” is a innovative way of creating “Lemon-dou”.Completely grated lemons are dipped in liquor beforehand to achieve the identical effect as the pre-blended shochu-drinking water mixture. This new system is influenced from the exercise of incorporating drinking water to shochu prior to make the shochu and water blend nicely and make the consume style smoother.

The start of Lemon Dou in India was met with fervent anticipation. Social media excitement, fuelled by vivid product or service pictures and intriguing critiques from Korean influencers, and established a sense of excitement. Upon release, the consume flew off shelves. On the net marketplaces noticed inflated price ranges and confined availability, even further igniting the frenzy.

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Lemon Dou’s achievement in India is simple. It tapped into a escalating customer want for refreshing, well being-mindful beverages with a present day picture. The vibrant marketing and advertising marketing campaign and social media buzz further more propelled the drink’s acceptance. No matter if Lemon Dou maintains its keeping electrical power continues to be to be witnessed, but for now, it stands as a testomony to the ever-evolving Indian beverage industry and its openness to interesting new flavours and tendencies.

Address Image Courtesy:@lemondoubr/ Instagram

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