Death’s Garden contributor: Rachelle Meilleur

Death’s Garden contributor: Rachelle Meilleur

Death’s Garden contributor: Rachelle Meilleur

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Death’s Garden contributor: Rachelle Meilleur

Rachelle Meilleur is another cemetery blogger whose stories I’ve followed for years. Her essay for Death’s Garden Revisited is called “Death and Spinsterhood: It’s Personal,” about her grave site in the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery of Fisher Branch, Manitoba, Canada.

Rachelle has had an avid interest in cemeteries since she was young, although her Master’s paper on Toronto cemeteries is what really sparked her passion for them. She has been to over 250 cemeteries in over 30 countries but especially loves the great monumental cemeteries of Europe. You can see her work at

What’s your favorite thing to do in a cemetery?

Photograph interesting monuments.

Tell me about your favorite cemetery.

Staglieno in Genoa. It’s the mecca of monumental cemeteries.

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you’ve always wanted to visit?

Any Mexican cemetery on the Day of the Dead.

What would your epitaph be?

My favorite thing is to go where I have never been.

Do you have a favorite song about cemeteries or graveyards?

No, but I like St. James’ Infirmary by Louis Armstrong.

The contributors to Death’s Garden Revisited put together a playlist of their favorite cemetery songs. You can check it out on Spotify: 

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You can also download a free copy of the Reader’s Guide from Bookfunnel. It includes discussion/contemplation questions, an interview with the editor, and a game to introduce readers to cemetery symbolism and encourage them to visit.


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