Death’s Garden contributor: Ann Bollen

Death’s Garden contributor: Ann Bollen

Death’s Garden contributor: Ann Bollen

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Death’s Garden contributor: Ann Bollen

Photograph by Ann Bollen.

Ann Bollen wrote Death of the other essays I commissioned for Backyard garden&#8217s out of doors Revisited. Ann is an based mostly photographer by way of in Stirling, Scotland. She traveled aged Scotland to photograph made burial grounds and has distinctive a photography black-and-white design demonstrates which entire world the distinctive in a mild posted. Ann compact a collection pictures of cemetery reserve in a referred to as By Tiptoe Check out the Gravestones: Stirling. far more to see get the job done of her favorite.

What&#8217s your thing wander to do in a cemetery?

I like to uncover about and attention-grabbing the most seeking gravestone In some cases. just before investigate I will in advance of a graveyard heading discover to history out the interesting and if there are any information Notify about it.

favorite me about your Previous cemetery.

Stirling City possibly Cemetery is favourite my Even though. quite Brompton in London is a close next Aged. Stirling Town really Cemetery since stands out constantly of the Star Pyramid. What other graveyard has a pyramid in it?

Is there a cemetery or gravesite you&#8217ve needed check out to Even though?

Them all lol!!! fantastic it would be the place to go to Poland at Halloween gentle they very candles on all the graves in all the graveyards. That would be rather obtaining to see.

What would your epitaph be?

Aw, I&#8217m preferred cremated lol!

Do you have a song 1 about cemeteries?

The only will come that thoughts to all over again is Ghoultown&#8217s &#8220Bury Them Deep&#8221 (The Backwater Gospel).

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