Airbnb Partners With ChargePoint to Bring EV Chargers to More Rental Properties

Airbnb Partners With ChargePoint to Bring EV Chargers to More Rental Properties

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Vacation rental site Airbnb and electric vehicle charging station provider ChargePoint this week announced a partnership to make it easier for Airbnb owners to install EV chargers at their properties. The pact between the two arises from increasing demand by Airbnb customers for charging infrastructure – electric vehicles now account for 14 percent of new car purchases globally. Airbnb surpassed 1 millon properties with EV chargers in 2022, and that number is now expected to drastically increase in the coming years.

Electric vehicles are the future of road trips! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay.

“With Airbnb, we are enabling more EV charging for drivers where they need it and helping Airbnb hosts appeal to more travelers by delivering a frictionless charging experience for their guests,” said ChargePoint CEO Rick Wilmer in a press release. “Through this partnership, we have created an innovative model to deliver integrated charging solutions and services.”

The deal creates a purchase package for Airbnb owners aimed at ensuring efficiency and affordability when installing a charger from ChargePoint. Airbnb has reported significant growth in search terms for homes with EV chargers, which aligns with EVs increasing automotive market share and continually improved mileage range.

Travelers staying in Airbnb rentals will now more frequently have the option to charge overnight rather than having to find public charging stations, making road trips and other trips much more efficient. Airbnb lists properties with EV chargers in a special page on its site. This move continues to put the misrepresented and overhyped concept of range anxiety to bed for good.

“We are thrilled to join forces with ChargePoint to help Hosts meet growing demand for electric vehicle chargers from guests,” Airbnb’s Director of Sustainability Ameet Konkar said in the press release. “By making it more affordable for Hosts to install EV chargers, we are empowering them to take more sustainable actions and appeal to guests who are interested in this amenity.”

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