Utah, USA

25 Weirdest Places on Earth to Visit You Wont Believe Exist

25 Weirdest Places on Earth to Visit You Wont Believe Exist

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Utah, USA

Do you want to explore the weirdest places from all over the world? If yes, then you are in luck. Earth is filled with stunning views, amazing landmarks, historical sites, and breathtaking destinations that make visitors’ experiences memorable. However, there are ultimate chances that you will find weird or unique destinations in less mass tourist tracks.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you the 25 best weirdest places on earth to visit in which we will cover the strange places like odd landmarks, ghost towns, and other odd places. Read on to know the amazing history behind these 25 weird places.

Weirdest Places on Earth to Visit

The world is full of weird, strange, and thrilling adventures in the form of historical spots and strange places. The following are the weirdest places on earth that you should visit once in your lifetime:

1. Utah, USA:

In Utah, you will find strange rock formations, one of the famous national parks named Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park, and salt flats. Here, you can find one of the saltiest lakes on earth and Salt Lake City which will give you some aroma and pleasure. Also, you can experience one of the weirdest or strangest experiences here.

2. Zhangye Danxia, China:

Zhangye Danxia, China

Its one of the most amazing mountains that you would ever find in China and when you see it for the first time, you might think that these mountains are painted with different colors but these gorgeous landscapes are real. People dont know this place too much so its best to explore it on priority as it offers stunning views without damaging the landscapes, so its good and appreciable.

3. Natures Own Ring:

Natures Ring Place which is located in Die Rakotzbruck

One of the famous and weirdest places on earth you can visit is Natures Ring Place which is located in Die Rakotzbruck. This majestic adventure was constructed in the 19th century and one of the main reasons why its popular and famous is its unique construction accuracy with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete stone circle. You can also remember this bridge with the Devils Bridge name and the makers of this bridge focused on aesthetics rather than utility.

4. Spotted Lake Khiluk:

Spotted Lake Khiluk

If you want to explore the most mineralized lake in the world, you should explore Spotted Lake Khiluk. This lake is designed in a way that you can find 365 puddles of water circles in this lake. Each of these spots includes a mixture of unique chemical contents which helps in curing different diseases. Because of this reason, this place is considered one of the unique and strangest places all over the world.

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5. Yonaguni Monument:

Yonaguni Monument

This monument is located underwater in Japan and scientists claim that it is 5000 years old but it is not confirmed that its natural or artificial. Some renowned theorists claim that it could be alien-made. Apart from that, you should visit this place once in your lifetime as this region or place is equipped with majestic adventures to explore.

6. Great Blue Hole:

Great Blue Hole

Its a gigantic natural submarine sinkhole and no one knows the depth of this sinkhole. This blue hole is famous for free diving but on the other hand, its also one of the deadliest and dangerous spots all over the world. If you want to experience diving in this great blue hole, exercise caution and safety measures as it has claimed the lives of many divers in the past so its good to prepare yourselves earlier for any type of emergencies.

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7. Chocolate Hills, Philippines:

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

According to the name, it doesnt mean that these natural wonders are made of chocolate as natural grass on these hills turns brown during the dry season. You will find these chocolate hills in the Bohol province of the Philippines. This destination is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Philippines and also the weirdest.

8. Champagne Pool, New Zealand:

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

We are not sure whether swimming in a champagne pool gives you a pleasant experience or not but it is worth considering to add this spot on our weirdest places list. This amazing pool is not filled with champagne but you can call it a Champagne pool just because of the constant flow of carbon dioxide gas, giving it a champagne-type bubbling characteristic.

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9. Waitomo Caves New Zealand:

Waitomo Caves New Zealand

Its one of the world’s weirdest places and the cave is defined as a natural underground chamber and in this underground part, you would not see too much light. But these caves are a little bit different as you see light in the form of thousands of glowworms, giving this amazing place a romantic feel. Some people might get scared from these glowworms but thats not the case for all.

10. Fingals Cave:

Fingals Cave

These caves are one of the best symmetrical natural wonders and the world’s weirdest places. Generally, caves are in round shapes and forms but this rule does not apply to these caves. Except for research enthusiasts and scientists, no one visits this cave but you can if you want to explore myriad bounties of nature. When you visit, you can see this cave entrance is filled with seawater and comprises a larger area.

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11. Nyaung Oak:

Nyaung Oak

If you want to explore the jungle village, you should go to Myanmar as it’s one of the weirdest places on earth to visit. We know Myanmar may not be a popular destination to visit but you can go here at Nyaung Ohak to explore the jungle village. This place is famous for having 1000 plus temples that are hard to find anywhere else all over the world and one of the amazing things about this destination is that it is covered in greenery.

12. Danakil Depression:

Danakil Depression

This place is equipped with acid pools and it is considered one of the weirdest places to visit in the world. This land is equipped with brittle and acidic crusts of salt and sulfur. Some scientists claim that if movement doesnt cease with time, the land will drop further the sea level. Its one of the strangest places all over the world. You can explore on your own if you want.

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13. Red Beach:

Red Beach

If you want to get a break from white beaches and want to explore red beaches, you can go to Tianjin China to make a memorable tour. This is one of the best places that is most visited by tourists especially during autumn and thousands of people visit every year. You can visit this place with your friends/ family and make some memorable clicks while exploring red beaches with visible water.

14. The Seven Giants:

The Seven Giants

This place is locally known as Russias Seven Strong Men or The Little Mountain of the Gods. Here, you can find seven rock formations with varying or different heights. You can visit here to behold them and get lost in the divine worlds of nature. You should book this places ticket and explore one of the unique and majestic places which is ultimately filled with incredible rock structures.

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15. Magnetic Hill:

Magnetic Hill

Get ready yourselves for the toughest ride to the magnetic hills. It is located in Ladakh, India, and is considered one of the weirdest places ever you could experience. Its also one of the unique places to visit. When you get into the land of Ladakh, you will go from this place where you can experience one of the toughest rides. Moreover, one mystery is that if you park your car and turn off your car ignition, you can see your car will move on its own.

16. Spooky Forest:


In this iconic spooky forest, you can see dolls hanging on the trees. When you want to know what is the weirdest place on the earth, look no further than an island of dolls in the spooky forest. This Xochimilco island is filled with handed dolls on the tress which completely executes a horror movie scene where dolls are hanging amidst the wilderness.

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17. Salar De Uyuni:

Salar De Uyuni

This is the worlds largest salt pan and it is considered as one of the places with the weirdest weather. Not only this place is one of the worlds largest salt pans but also provides you with a natural mirror view when a thin film of water gathers on the surface. The best time to visit this place is in October and July as you can enjoy your own company to the fullest in these months.

18. Underwater Park:

Underwater Park

If you want to have fun below the water, then we also have one weirdest places on earth to visit that can make your experience enticing. It is located on the Green Lake in Tragoess. After all, this place is one of the best and most unique places for scuba divers to rest, relax, and spend some quality time. This lakes water is considered one of the best waters and you can count this lake among the most beautiful lakes in Austria. Book your tickets now for an amazing adventure!

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19. JellyFish Lake:

JellyFish Lake

You can find 70 marine lakes in this region but what sets apart this lake from others is that this lake contains jellyfish. In 2012, there was diminishing growth of jellyfish noticed and famous scientists claimed that this lake was demolished with time but afterward we saw a massive growth of jellyfish in this lake, and once again opened to the public.

20. Pink Sands Beach:

Pink Sands Beach

On this sands beach, you could experience something different and unique. Due to the presence of certain minerals, the sand at this beach is pink in color. According to the latest scientific research, it is noticed that pink color comes from a microscopic organization that consists of a reddish-pink shell. You could not find pink sand beaches all over the world as these are rare and these beaches add charm and mystery they hold.

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21. Love Valley, Turkey:

Love Valley, Turkey

Turkey is one of an amazing land famous for its historical sites, amazing architecture, and natural wonders. One of the weirdest wonders you will find here is the Love Valley. Giant Phalluses in this love valley can make your experience memorable and you can spend and enjoy your time here to the fullest amid romantic vibes and breathtaking views.

22. Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean:

Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

In childhood, we heard the scenic and historical stories of the Bermuda Triangle but were not able to explore this place at that time. Now you can explore this place on your own by booking your tour to the North Atlantic Ocean. This iconic region has lured ships and planes where you can explore things enriched with amazing history and other activities.

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23. Mendenhall Ice Caves:

Mendenhall Ice Caves

Its one of the best natural phenomena that comes with the different shades of blue in the ice crystals inside caves. The renowned scientists become baffled after researching this weirdest place. As you know global warming is on the rise so there are chances that these caves might get affected with time. In this case, geologists are making tireless efforts to save these caves.

24. Oneuli Beach:

Oneuli Beach

This is one of the black beaches from all over the world that would fascinate you. Because of the volcanic activity in the past and the combination of pitch black and sand, this bleach has a black color. If you are an expert in swimming or snorkeling, you will enjoy your time to the fullest. If you dont have an idea how to swim, you can get instruction from instructors and afterwards, you are on your way to go.

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25. The Doorway Railway:

The Doorway Railway

On this doorway railway, you can enjoy the Hanoi city tour as this railway line passes inches away from the doorsteps of various shops. You can catch this train from any caf, shop, or restaurant and can enjoy the city train tour to the fullest. This train passes twice a day so in this way, you can catch this train on time which one is best favorable for you.

Final Words!

Well, that was a lot of weirdness and strange places in one article. The above-mentioned 25 places are the best weirdest places on earth to visit. If you are a passionate traveler and want to explore one of the weirdest places all over the world, you can go anywhere from the above list based on your personal interest and travel itinerary preferences. All of these places will give you joyful, breathtaking, and iconic experiences that you cannot ever forget in your life. Fasten your belts and pack your bags now to get the most out of the weirdest experience.


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