2024’s How Big Is Texas Best BBQ List

2024’s How Big Is Texas Best BBQ List

2024’s How Big Is Texas Best BBQ List

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2024’s How Big Is Texas Best BBQ List

How It Started

In January of 2022 when I was living in San Angelo, I polled my small group of followers on my How Big Is Texas Facebook page to find out their favorite barbecue restaurants in Texas. They came through with a couple dozen selections at the time. I followed that survey up with a blog post that you can find here.

It’s been a couple of years since that post and now I live in east Texas near Tyler. I thought it was time to ask my followers again, what Q is for you? Plus, May is National Barbecue Month. Since the state is so vast and the number of BBQ restaurants are plentiful, I was thrilled to receive more than 60 favorites, nearly triple the number I received in 2022.

I still stand with my original post that the smoke ring is a must if you’re going to enjoy truly great Texas barbecue. And when I say Texas barbecue, I don’t just mean beef, something we’re known for across the world. I also mean other smoked culinary delights. I’ve had some pretty great Q that had nothing to do with a cow, except the animal may have been in a pasture nearby.

Brisket, sausage, and sides from Killen’s BBQ in Pearland.

For the vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and any other person who might not be a meat eater who I might have missed, you’re gonna want to move along as you’re not likely going to enjoy this blog. There’s nothing wrong with vegetables either. I have a garden and raise veggies and have enjoyed many a southern meal of purple hull peas, cornbread, collard greens, squash and onions, and sliced tomatoes. Even then, the peas, cornbread, and collards were flavor enhanced by pork fat of some kind to make them even more delicious, just like your southern Grandma used to make.

Let’s Smell Their Pits

I couldn’t resist the title of this section. Speaking of pits, why hasn’t anyone ever made a BBQ pit that looks like an arm opening and closing? To whoever comes up with the design idea and makes millions, don’t forget the little guy who put the thought in your head.

But I digress…

I’ve been to many a BBQ cook-off and their creative pits are always impressive. I’ve even judged the World Championship Goat Cook-off in Brady. Having eaten a good amount of BBQ, I’ve enjoyed delicious meals from restaurants and home cooks across the state. There seems to be no limit to what people can create to make the mouth-watering smoked delicacies we all know and love. 

I have found in the restaurant business, the barbecue experts don’t need any bells and whistles to do what they do best. I compare their pits to a well-seasoned cast iron skillet – the older the pit the better the barbecue. Here are a few samples of some of the oldest pits in Texas.

How Big Is Texas Follower’s Favorites

I know there’s a Top 50 Texas BBQ list that Texas Monthly puts out every year and it’s incredibly popular. Some of those locations are on this list, as well. I hope you’ll try those and the not so well-known locations. In reviewing the websites and social media posts of the places on the list my followers suggested, I’d say if they taste as good as they look, you won’t be disappointed. With all this new technology, you’d think computers, tablets, and cell phones would have smellavision.

Even Buc-ee’s has barbecue. If you’ve ever visited one of these locations, you know the chant.

Fresh brisket on the board. Fresh brisket on the board.

I wish I could have gathered photos of each location, but I was able to have a number of folks send me a photo of their favorites.

Here’s a list of all of the locations people shared across the state. You’ll note that some have multiple names of people who referred them. Doesn’t make them better than the others, but sharing just the same. You could eat BBQ once a week and still not get to all of these, but it’s a great goal, don’t you think?

  • 2 Guys 1 Pit in Tomball – Laura
  • 2M Smokehouse & Catering in San Antonio – Ralph
  • 407 BBQ in Argyle – Mark/Travis
  • Angelo’s Barbecue in Fort Worth – M. Ellen
  • Baker Boys BBQ in Gonzales – Terry
  • Bare Bull BBQ in Canyon Lake – Alyson
  • BBQ Shop in Farwell – Linda
  • Best Quality Meat & BBQ in Temple – Shelley
  • Billy’s Pit BBQ in Bastrop – Julie
  • Blood Brothers BBQ in Houston – Christie
  • Bodacious Barbecue in Hallsville/Gladewater – Ramona/David
  • Bone Daddy’s in Dallas – Doug
  • Branding Iron in Wichita Falls – Donna
  • Carter’s BBQ in Longview – David
  • Central Texas Style BBQ in Pearland – Shannon
  • Chappell Hill BBQ and Bakery in Chappell Hill – Linda
  • City Market in Gonzales – Terry
  • City Market BBQ in Luling – Loyd
  • Coopers Old Time BBQ in Llano/Fort Worth – Julie/Terry/Jody
  • Corkscrew BBQ in Spring – Sandra/Donna
  • Country Tavern in Kilgore – Billie
  • Dieter Brothers in Lindsay – Lynn
  • Dyer’s BBQ in Amarillo – Linda
  • Evie Maes Pitt BBQ in Wolfforth
  • Fat and Happy BBQ in Memphis – PJ
  • Franklin BBQ in Austin – Mark
  • Hard Eight in Stephenville – Terry
  • Harmons BBQ in Cibolo – Stephanie
  • Heim BBQ in Fort Worth – Barry
  • Helberg Barbecue in Woodway – Leslie
  • Hutchins BBQ in McKinney/Frisco – Victoria/Roberto/Shannon
  • Jays BBQ Shack in Abilene – Michele
  • Jettfire BBQ in Muleshoe – Karen
  • Joes Barbecue Company in Alvin – Shannon
  • Joseph’s Riverport BBQ in Jefferson – David
  • Killen’s BBQ in Pearland – Diann
  • King’s BBQ in Deer Park – Timothy
  • Koop’s BBQ Kitchen in Galveston – Monica
  • Kreuz Market in Lockhart – Katie
  • Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor – Heather
  • Mesquite Pit BBQ in Weatherford – Kimber
  • Old 300 BBQ in Blanco – Darla
  • Old Buc’s Barbecue in Manvel – Karen
  • Old Tomball BBQ in Tomball – Val
  • The Original Black’s BBQ in Lockhart/New Braunfels – Connie/Teresa/Katie
  • Pinkerton’s BBQ in San Antonio/Houston – Stephen
  • Pinkies BBQ in Lubbock – Anna
  • Prissy’s Barbecue in Tulia – Linda
  • Redbird BBQ in Port Neches – Rebecca
  • Rejino BBQ in Olton – Jennifer/Linda
  • Rick’s Smokehouse Barbecue in Garland – Andrea
  • Rusty Pit BBQ in Hereford – Linda
  • Salt Lick BBQ – Driftwood/Round Rock in Dan/Dewanna/Charles/Julie/Lari
  • Slaughters’s BBQ in Sulphur Springs – Terry
  • Smitty’s Market in Lockhart – Danny/Katie
  • Snow’s BBQ in Lexington – Julie
  • Spicy Mike’s BarBQ Haven in Amarillo – Linda
  • Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ in Tyler – Michelle/Carol
  • Tender Smokehouse in Little Elm – Sharla/Ryan
  • Texas BBQ Corral in Mount Vernon – Ruth
  • Triple R BBQ in Whitewright – Travis
  • Tuttle’s Grocery & Market in Woodsboro – Sharon
  • Tyler’s Barbeque in Amarillo – Kashion/Linda
  • WeekEnds BBQ & Catering in Plainview – Linda/Jennifer

What about the Sides?

While I do love a main dish of BBQ, I’m also a big fan of the variety of sides you’ll find at a restaurant that serves it. You almost always have the standards of baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. Of course, you can’t forget the slices of white bread. For you wheat bread enthusiasts, you’ll be disappointed that you won’t have that as an option, likely ever. Then there are the pickles (spears or sliced), raw onion, and pickled jalapeños. Standard items aside, I’ve found that some locations like to mix it up a little by offering a few other options.

Whatever sides you choose, dig in. You can even toss a salad in, if you like. A little roughage in your life never hurt anyone.

Skipping the Sauce Discussion

We won’t talk about sauce vs. no sauce. I don’t want to cause any kind of riot on the world wide web. I’ll just say one requires a few more napkins than the other. And we also won’t discuss barbecue served on a plate vs. served on butcher paper. I think the clean-up is easier with the latter and the other is more refined, unless it’s a paper plate.

Make Room for Dessert!

If you’re still hungry after a big meal of smoked dishes and delectable sides, consider ordering dessert or ask for it to go, unless it’s ice cream You might rather eat it after you’ve rested in your favorite recliner and recovered from the meat sweats and carb overload.

HBIT BBQ Trail Map

What other barbecue restaurants do I need to add in the future? Was your favorite included? Did you know there’s a Texas Barbecue Trail? 

Here’s a map I created from all of the suggestions my How Big Is Texas Facebook followers sent me. You can actually check it out for yourself at this link. To my friends in west and south Texas, y’all need to step it up. I thought surely one of my 12,000+ followers on Facebook would have submitted something from your area. After all, you’re known for your beef.

Until next time…from Texas…safe travels

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