Riding the Trails in Bentonville

10 Fabulous Things to Do in Bentonville AR Worth Trying (2024 Updated)

10 Fabulous Things to Do in Bentonville AR Worth Trying (2024 Updated)

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Riding the Trails in Bentonville

Are you looking for amazing things to do in Bentonville AR? Do you want to explore Bentonville AR city? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Bentonville is a city located in Arkansas and known as Walmart’s birthplace.

Forest trails, waterside pavilions, and sculpture gardens make Bentonville one of the amazing choices to visit once in a lifetime. Whether you want to visit with your friends or family, travel for work, or want to take a relaxing getaway, this place has all you want to explore.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best things that you can do in Bentonville AR and make your experience memorable!

1. Riding the Trails:

Riding the Trails in Bentonville

Bentonville is one of the best launching-off spots for riding the trails. Cyclists come from various countries to check out the OZ trails. You can take a ride on some of the best riding trails named Slaughter Pen, Coler Creek, and Razorback Greenway around the city. Also, you can enjoy mountain bikes by renting a bike.

Gathering Places for Cyclists

Meteor Café

The HUB Bike Shop

Nearby Places to Visit

Meteor Guitar Gallery


Specialty stores

2. Bentonville Downtown Square:

Bentonville Downtown SquareBentonville Downtown Square

If you want to enjoy live music, lively fun, or an entertaining atmosphere, head towards Bentonville Downtown Square.

In Bentonville’s downtown square, you can enjoy food and fun together and mark unforgettable times and memories. Here, you can go to the Walmart museum to explore Walmart’s family history.

Places to Eat

Table Mesa

Onyx Coffee

Bentonville Taco and Tamale

Nearby Places to Visit

The Walmart Museum

Art on the Square Bentonville

Compton Gardens

3. Scott Family Amazeum:

Scott Family Amazeum BentonvilleScott Family Amazeum Bentonville

You should visit Scott Family Amazeum if you are exploring Bentonville with your kids as this place is one of the best kid-friendly places in Bentonville to explore.

This place will not only provide an amazing experience for kids but also younger too. This attraction is a combination of education and play.

Sections to Explore

Science Lab

Art Studio

Nickelodeon Play Lab

General Mills Lift

Opening Hours & Days

Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday (10 AM-5 PM)

Wednesday (10 AM-7:30 PM)

Sunday (1-5 PM)

Tuesday (Closed)

4. Bentonville Brewing Company:

Bentonville Brewing CompanyBentonville Brewing Company

Bentonville Brewing Company was opened back in 2015 and till now considered one of the best go-to breweries in northwest Arkansas.

This brewing company is famous for producing world-class and unique breweries. They are continuously providing world-class breweries to their customers that urge them to return to try again.

Food You Can Enjoy

Work N Roll Hibachi

Meaux Beignet

Nosh Nola

Señor Shreddy’s

Opening Hours & Days

Thursday, Friday & Saturday (11 AM-11 PM)

Tuesday Wednesday & Sunday (11 AM-10 PM)

Monday (1-10 PM)

Tuesday (Closed)

5. Peel Museum & Botanical Garden:

Peel Museum & Botanical GardenPeel Museum & Botanical Garden

Peel Museum was built back in 1975 and is considered the home of Colonel Samuel West Peel. This attraction provides an exceptional historic attraction.

If you want to make your experience more enticing and memorable, sign up for guided tours of notable homes in which you can get all the information about the life of Mr. Peel.

Opening Hours & Days

Tuesday to Saturday (10 AM-3PM)

Sunday & Monday (Closed)

Price Starts from

$49.00 per adult

6. Private Golf Cart Tour of Bentonville:

Private Golf Cart Tour of BentonvillePrivate Golf Cart Tour of Bentonville

You can book a private golf cart tour in Bentonville and it seats up to 5 people. On this golf cart tour, you can make your experience enticing and memorable by exploring the famous city’s Instagram landmarks and public art installations.

You will receive your confirmation at the time of booking and it’s a private tour.

Price Starts from

$71.00 per adult


1 and a half hour

Cancellation policy

You should cancel at least 24 hours before taking a ride.

7. Bentonville Bash Scavenger Hunt:

Bentonville scavenger HuntBentonville scavenger Hunt

Bentonville bash scavenger hunt comes with unique and immersive adventures that you should try in Bentonville. In this area, you can explore or discover hidden gems, epic sculptures, and historic landmarks throughout the area to make your time and stay at Bentonville bash scavenger hunt memorable and enticing.

Price Starts from

$30.00 per adult


2 hours

What’s Included

Digital Scavenger Hunt Document

Remote interactive live guide

Future company alumni discounts

8. Ledger Views:

Bentonville Ledger ViewsBentonville Ledger Views

Ledger in Bentonville is famous for being one of the most visited and first bikeable buildings in Bentonville. If you want to hangout with friends, enjoy a book, or want to catch up on work, these places are one of the best options to explore.

Outside the building, you can see six stories of free switchbacks which you can use to enjoy the breathtaking views of Downtown Bentonville.


The first floor is free for the public.


Printing Nooks

Wellness Rooms

Mother’s Room

9. Exploring Art:

Bentonville Exploring ArtBentonville Exploring Art

While discovering famous attractions, food places, and other things, it’s also good to explore art in Bentonville city.

You can go to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; this museum has all you want for exploring surrounding grounds, lovely landscape trails, and inspiring sculptures. This museum is the crown jewel of the art scene.



Shuttle Service





It is recommended to know the museum’s terms & conditions earlier.

10. Shopping:

Shopping malls in BentonvilleShopping malls in Bentonville

At Bentonville city, the last amazing thing that you can do here is shop from specialty stores, boutiques, and wonderful art galleries.

You can purchase various items like purses, exotic gifts, clothing, and much more according to your choice. Most of the shopping malls are located just off the square.

Shopping Malls             

The Shoppers at Uptown Village

Park Plaza

Pinnacle Plaza

Sugar Creek Shopping Center

Final Thoughts!

Bentonville city is equipped with famous artwork, history, thrilling landmarks, and breathtaking views. There’s a lot for you to explore in this city breezing city. The above-mentioned 10 things are the best things to do in Bentonville AR.

We have thoroughly guided you in how you can make your experience memorable, enticing, and stunning while exploring these famous attractions and places on your own. Pack your bags, book your tickets now, and explore this amazing city on your own. Have happy and safe travels!

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